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Announcing My New Book

Welcome to 2019!
I hope your year is off to a good start!

. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new book, a collection of stories beginning with my early childhood memories, my experience of adopted life in a military family, my career as a professional gardener, and the story of my hemorrhagic stroke and recovery; reminiscences and reflections which I think--hope--many may relate to and enjoy.  Permanent Home: A Memoir I hope you'll pick up a copy. Click title to purchase from Amazon   If you purchase the softcover, my "Matchbook" offer gets you the Kindle version at a reduced price.
 (some color photos in e-book)

Thank you!

In a previous blog post, I shared haiga - photo with a haiku inscription (3 line-2 phrase Japanese poetry). I use both my own photos and copyright free images. My Haigas have appeared in online and in print journals. More on the way all the time! 
Here are a few recently published in FailedHaiku - senryu - sad, witty or humorous haiku wit…

Late Fall...Catch Up

I wonder. When did the rain stop and turn to persistent long, very hot, humid days? In Sarasota, that must have been sometime in September.  I *expected* it to cool off around then; ready to sit on the lanai to write. Most days I'm in my peaceful sanctuary.  A stream of zen-like musical sounds, indoor-outdoor views of plants, our little walled patio and pool, and sweet Chihuahua, Maxwell, offer me contentment. Devices are always charged, should I want to check in socially, or write.

Still, my custom has always been to spend equal time indoors and out. Having spent most of my life in the Northeast, for many years, Pennsylvania, it's been a difficult adjustment to Florida, and I'm often alone--and yes--sometimes lonely. I suspect this will change for the better; bringing me more balance in my life, as I get to know more people here. I don't drive since my stroke, and walking is rather less than more. I hope to get a 4-wheeled scooter to enable me to explore our safe and…

Summer Ends

Welcome Back!It's been a good summer hiatus for me. Hope you summer has been wonderful!
If you're a new follower, welcome, and please have a look into my archives if you're getting acquainted with me and my work.  As a short form memoir writer, I record personal history and hope to connect with my readers and their experiences. I share my truths through "creative non-fiction," my memories through the art of  prose. I sincerely hope you enjoy my writing, and would love to hear from you. 
At some future date, I'll open my blog up to writing guests. If you're interested in sharing your work here, please message me on my Facebook author Page Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author
This summer,  Phil and I've been up in Easton, PA. We stay in the home where my mom lived for about a decade. I worked as a receptionist in Moravian Hall Square prior to my hemorrhagic stroke 10 years ago. Mom moved into an assisted living studio about 5 years ago. We enjoyed a lovely celebrat…

July Begins

Hello, friends~

As you can see, I've been playing with my blog themes and layout once again. I'm seeking to make it simple and readable for all. Hope the changes are improvements! Let me know what you think :-)


I'm excited to share a few updates to share with you ~I have a picture somewhere, and will keep looking to post it here...
My short creative non-fiction/slice of life, "Arlen Needs a Home," has been published on  mac(ro)mic
You can read it here
It's a story about a boy in my first grade class who lives in an orphanage and spends Easter weekend with us. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you, Nicholas!

My memoir piece, "Leila: Lost and Found," a story of my reunion with my birth mother and maternal kin, has been published in Modern Creative Life.  As you can imagine, this piece is particularly close to my heart. 
You may read it here:…

Summer Days

Dear readers, hope you are doing well, and keeping stress levels low in the heat!

I'd love to update you with my recently accepted and published writing.
Carpe Arte has published my Haibun, "Late Winter Gardening." Thank you, Eva!
(read here)

Thrilled that "Meeting Momma," a short adoption reunion piece was published June 10th in The Drabble.  Please read here:

This is the second piece published here. The first was "Barkeep," a recollection. (read here)
Modern Creative Life has accepted a longer reunion piece about my birth mother, "Leila: Lost and Found," for July 28th release.
Amethyst Review has published my recollection on matters spiritual, written from my childhood perspective. Many thanks to editor and publisher, Sarah Law, for a seri…

May News

Welcome! It's about time I checked in with you. Hope your spring is beginning, and you're keeping happy and healthy!  👦 👧 👪
I started today by updating my background and theme. Hope my layout is easy to follow, and you'll enjoy perusing my archived posts.

Phil and I have been enjoying our sweet, Chihuahua, Maxmillian (Max). He was rescued from a shelter in Miami and brought to "Underdogs of Florida" shelter in Bradenton, Fl. Several weeks later he became available to adopt from a wonderful foster-mom in Sarasota. He's about 8 yrs old and doing very well!
Since my last blog entry I've had some success in writing and publishing and I'd like to share my pieces with you. Thrilled to have these acceptances! I've provided links to published work, as in previous posts.

As I told you last time my piece, "Pigeon Coop" was published in 'Storyland Review.' As promised, I'll share a photo of the humble antique cabinet I inherited fro…