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A Happy Spring to you all!

My happy news starts with telling you my Haibun--style of Japanese prose with Haiku poetry--"Hands of Love: A Tribute," was published in the March issue of Haibun Today by Ray Rasmussmen, for which I'm very grateful.

My story is a memory of my dear Nana, who passed away at aged 99 over ten years ago.

Hands of Love: A Tribute

I'm also so happy my story, "Pigeon Coop," was published by Storyland Literary Review! It's a story about my Nana's history with a beloved, though plain, piece of heirloom furniture. (I'll add a photo of the "pigeon coop" when I'm back up in PA in a few weeks.)
Hope you enjoy! Pigeon Coop by Mary Ellen Gambutti StoryLand Literary Review

Tropical Flowers - My Nana loved them 

My Sadness We were devastated to lose Finn, our Schnoodle, after only nine months. He was such a good companion. You may recall he came to us last June as a rescue who had been in foster care for two years. Sadly, he beca…

Writing From Memory

Sweet memories...
Can there be conjuring in Creative Non-Fiction (CNF)? Unless we must uphold to scientific standards, our truth is just that: Our Truth. What I recall from childhood, school days, adolescence--heck, even what I did last week!--has gone through the filter of time, experience and emotion, and yes, creativity. Still, I aim to tell my story with authenticity. My best recollections comprise my memoirs. I hope I approach writing in a way that evokes meaning for my readers, that there is a universality in my work. Possibly readers, themselves, "remember." * Between 1961-1964, my Air Force family lived in Tokyo. I was age 9 when we arrived, and keen impressions of our life in Japan come out in my writing. A Thousand and One Stories has published two of such memoirs, "I Must Have Wandered," and "Haibun: Tokyo Years." Links for both are below. Hope you enjoy!

This photo is adapted from a yearbook photo from International School of the Sacred Heart, m…

Search Story

March 1 - An auspicious day!       Why? Could it be I've started the year feeling positive about the number of my pieces published? That I'm on my way to putting together the memoir I aspire to by the end of the year? Maybe!

Excited that Memoir Magazine published my work, "Myths, Lies and Matches."
Click here to read the story: Memoir Magazine - Myths, Lies and Matches By Mary Ellen Gambutti
This essay first appeared in The Bastard ChroniclesAn Anthology, 20 Years of Adoptee Equality Activism in the U.S. and the Birth of a Bastard Nation

The photo above is of my paternal half-siblings three sisters and a brother whom I never knew existed until last year. Their mother is on the lower right.
As you’ll see in the story, the question of my identity and whether there were siblings was with me from age six. I searched for and found my birth mother, pre-internet days, the same time I met my half-sister, Karen. It was an earth-shattering experience; one I value beyond words.…

Thrilled to Share!

Hello, my friends!
I'm so happy to share that a new piece of mine is now up on The Bookends Review!  A memoir, it's not in the most joyful vein, but hope you'll find it interesting, nonetheless.         

 Link here:
Blue Bicycle

I'm also pleased to report a new acceptance of creative non-fiction by the publication Amethyst Review  'New Writing Engaging With the Sacred'   
"Spirit Down to Bone" will be published March 14th. Thank you Editor, Sarah Law!

I've had an acceptance of Memoir (Haibun) "My Tokyo Days: Air Force Daughter Recalls," which will be published in a couple of weeks in A Thousand and On Stories. You can read my work previously published by Ed King in the same e-zine, here: "I Must Have Wandered"

Also in March- I'm so pleased my Haibun Memoir, "Nana's Hands: A Tribute" has been accepted by Ray Rasmussen for Haibun Today 12:1 March 2018. Such an honor! 

Thank you for sharing in my success!
Til next time,

February Update

The weather is warming up in Sarasota, and soon we'll be able to get into our pool. Priorities have weighed against buying a solar heater thus far.

My writing has been sporadic these past couple of weeks, but I'm encouraged to have been notified of a number of acceptances since the new year.  My reading of Flash continues, and lots of Haibun which I love so much.

I mentioned last entry my piece, "Layered Winter Thoughts" was published in The Vignette Review. It's reminiscent of a time in our old Bucks County, PA farmhouse.

Another piece published this winter is in The Remembered Arts Journal. So thrilled to be among such beautiful writing and art.
"Now Be the Dance"

And there is a page of Winter Haiku in Halcyon Days

Sarasota Winter Update

Hello, friends!
This is my first full winter in Sarasota, and I admit, I'm not suffering.  Some days are dreary, but most January days have been sunny and breezy. Delightful! 
I've been at our new home most days, with access to our private lanai. The pool is not yet heated - a goal for next fall! - but the atmosphere is relaxed. I don't drive since my stroke 8 years ago, and don't walk far without accompaniment, so it's good I'm contented here :-) I spend most of my time reading and writing with my good buddy, Finnegan, our Schnoodle. So life is good.

Last weekend I participated in an excellent online Flash Fiction Workshop, "Close to the Edge" sponsored by Bending Genres Workshops. @BendingGenres Robert Vaughan @rgVaughan, and teacher, Meg Tuite @megtuite  It was great! Enlightening and generative! Even completed a piece for submission to a journal :-) Bending Genres

Thrilled a new piece of mine is in The Remembered Arts Journal's Winter 2018 Iss…

The Year is New

Thanks for stopping by!   Even here in Florida we're having a cold snap. (I know...)

The Holidays are over and my daughter and her 2 boys have returned to their Chicago home and the deep freeze.  They'll be back!

Last time, I told you about my piece published in A Thousand and One Stories, "I Must Have Wandered," about an experience I had as a 10-year old in Tokyo. Hope you'll read it and leave a comment. :-)

Two of my nature pieces are published in, Ron Harton, Editor. I'm so pleased with the results!
The first is  "Gulf Sunset," a guided meditation or journal piece

"Oasis" is prose with Haiku poetry interspersed. I hope you'll enjoy, and leave comments.
"Souvenir of Faith" by Mary Ellen Gambutti- a Postcard Short  html

Until Next time, stay warm!

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