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So Far...

Hello, again!

Thanks for stopping by this hot summer day! These are good days to be here at home in the cool, writing with my muse, Finnegan (Finn), our newly adopted 8 year old black Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle mix).  Pictures next time!

I'm so grateful to the the editors of these fine literary magazines to have published my work!

Gravel.mag When Work Was Play (Wash Day, Soap and Making Noodles)

Wildflower Muse  Wild Strawberries

Wildflower Muse Garden Shadow

The Remembered Arts Journal The Gardening Years

The Vignette Review Dream Up In Smoke (sorry! link no longer works...will post my piece in its entirety in a current blog post.)

My work is also forthcoming in the Summer Issue of The Remembered Arts Journal, Halcyon Days, and Modern Creative Life.

I'll post links when they are up!

Thanks for your inte…

Reunion Joy

Where has the spring gone? Gone to a troubled political climate. I try not to chastise myself for time with news, Facebook and Twitter, because I do need to be engaged. But that isn't what this blog is about. :-)

A trip to PA early May to visit my adoptive Mom in assisted living was a challenge, although lovely in its way. She'll be 95 in August, and sadly, her cognition and memory wanes a bit each visit.

The excitement of connection with original paternal kin was the highlight of May. I met my three half-sisters and a half-brother, and a host of cousins in Anderson and Greenville, SC. My maternal half-sister, Karen, joined me for our first reunion. All smiles and hearts to be with them! We had seen first connected on Facebook and shared photos and stories. The thrill to see family resemblance! Although my father didn't maintain much connection with them, and might not have known of my existence, I was overjoyed to see a few photos remaining of him, and our unmistakable like…