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Feels like August... hot and muggy many places. So I stay inside in the cool and write, and keep Finn, my muse, company. 

I've been writing short memoir pieces, attempting flash and prose poetry, submitting to lit mags I reckon could be interested in my style. It's a job! please see previous posts for links to my published work, so far. I've been reading several flash and short story collections, among them, Gay Degani's works, Pomegranate Stories Rattle of Want
I read one story after another! So good.

Also guest blog post by Gay How Do You Make an Old Draft New?  DJ Adamson 8/28/16 My Good News!Thrilled to have my essay "Finding a Fertile Niche" in Modern Creative Life! Thank you, Debra Smouse for your beautiful photos and presentation! Modern Creative Life  Finding a Fertile Niche by Mary Ellen Gambutti
Till next time, Stay Cool! ~ Mel

Military Daughter Remembers

Hello Again!

First some great news!  Halcyon Days Magazine Summer 2017 issue is out  I am honored Monique Berry has published 2 of my garden articles with 3 of my garden photos.  The stories are "Cottage Gardening For Today" and "Summer Rewards" on the cutting garden. This beautiful magazine is available free as an e-zine here: Halcyon Days Magazine, as well as a color magazine of the arts for your happy fingers and your coffee table. Enjoy :-) 
I spent today researching and writing a short Creative Non-Fiction piece, memories of my Caffrey family's sojourn at Washington Heights military housing complex in Tokyo between July 1962 though fall 1963.  My Dad was an Air Force intelligence officer, so well knew the dangers of Russian Communism and Kruschev's liaison with Castro, as well as the Indo-China conflicts. There were anxious days before and during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and early days of the Vietnam war. Times were tense in the Far East, but the …