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New Blog Design, New Book Edition

Hello again!

Writing from Pennsylvania after a hectic, yet surprisingly productive summer.  The hurricane season kept us up in eastern PA, where we've been able to visit our families.

Writing has been interesting! I continue to write "short" and keep submitting, with mixed success (of course!).  

In September, my creative non-fiction, 'Blue Bicycle' was accepted by The Bookends Review. Thank you, Madison Parrotta!


The Remembered Arts  accepted 'When All Else Fails,' a short memoir written on the theme "Frailty." Thanks once again, Elise Matich! THE REMEMBERED ARTS JOURNAL

Also big news: The 2nd edition of my book, Stroke Story: My Journey There and Backis out on Amazon today, with updated text and a  new cover!
So far, 9 wonderful people have reviewed my book (all favorable!) Both editions are shown here → Mary Ellen Gambutti Author Page

The first edition was published by BabyGirlPublishing.  Thank you sooo mu…