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Writing From Memory

Sweet memories...
Can there be conjuring in Creative Non-Fiction (CNF)? Unless we must uphold to scientific standards, our truth is just that: Our Truth. What I recall from childhood, school days, adolescence--heck, even what I did last week!--has gone through the filter of time, experience and emotion, and yes, creativity. Still, I aim to tell my story with authenticity. My best recollections comprise my memoirs. I hope I approach writing in a way that evokes meaning for my readers, that there is a universality in my work. Possibly readers, themselves, "remember." * Between 1961-1964, my Air Force family lived in Tokyo. I was age 9 when we arrived, and keen impressions of our life in Japan come out in my writing. A Thousand and One Stories has published two of such memoirs, "I Must Have Wandered," and "Haibun: Tokyo Years." Links for both are below. Hope you enjoy!

This photo is adapted from a yearbook photo from International School of the Sacred Heart, m…

Search Story

March 1 - An auspicious day!       Why? Could it be I've started the year feeling positive about the number of my pieces published? That I'm on my way to putting together the memoir I aspire to by the end of the year? Maybe!

Excited that Memoir Magazine published my work, "Myths, Lies and Matches."
Click here to read the story: Memoir Magazine - Myths, Lies and Matches By Mary Ellen Gambutti
This essay first appeared in The Bastard ChroniclesAn Anthology, 20 Years of Adoptee Equality Activism in the U.S. and the Birth of a Bastard Nation

The photo above is of my paternal half-siblings three sisters and a brother whom I never knew existed until last year. Their mother is on the lower right.
As you’ll see in the story, the question of my identity and whether there were siblings was with me from age six. I searched for and found my birth mother, pre-internet days, the same time I met my half-sister, Karen. It was an earth-shattering experience; one I value beyond words.…