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Happy Sad

A Happy Spring to you all!

My happy news starts with telling you my Haibun--style of Japanese prose with Haiku poetry--"Hands of Love: A Tribute," was published in the March issue of Haibun Today by Ray Rasmussmen, for which I'm very grateful.

My story is a memory of my dear Nana, who passed away at aged 99 over ten years ago.

Hands of Love: A Tribute

I'm also so happy my story, "Pigeon Coop," was published by Storyland Literary Review! It's a story about my Nana's history with a beloved, though plain, piece of heirloom furniture. (I'll add a photo of the "pigeon coop" when I'm back up in PA in a few weeks.)
Hope you enjoy! Pigeon Coop by Mary Ellen Gambutti StoryLand Literary Review

Tropical Flowers - My Nana loved them 

My Sadness We were devastated to lose Finn, our Schnoodle, after only nine months. He was such a good companion. You may recall he came to us last June as a rescue who had been in foster care for two years. Sadly, he beca…