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May News

Welcome! It's about time I checked in with you. Hope your spring is beginning, and you're keeping happy and healthy!  👦 👧 👪
I started today by updating my background and theme. Hope my layout is easy to follow, and you'll enjoy perusing my archived posts.

Phil and I have been enjoying our sweet, Chihuahua, Maxmillian (Max). He was rescued from a shelter in Miami and brought to "Underdogs of Florida" shelter in Bradenton, Fl. Several weeks later he became available to adopt from a wonderful foster-mom in Sarasota. He's about 8 yrs old and doing very well!
Since my last blog entry I've had some success in writing and publishing and I'd like to share my pieces with you. Thrilled to have these acceptances! I've provided links to published work, as in previous posts.

As I told you last time my piece, "Pigeon Coop" was published in 'Storyland Review.' As promised, I'll share a photo of the humble antique cabinet I inherited fro…