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Late Fall...Catch Up

I wonder. When did the rain stop and turn to persistent long, very hot, humid days? In Sarasota, that must have been sometime in September.  I *expected* it to cool off around then; ready to sit on the lanai to write. Most days I'm in my peaceful sanctuary.  A stream of zen-like musical sounds, indoor-outdoor views of plants, our little walled patio and pool, and sweet Chihuahua, Maxwell, offer me contentment. Devices are always charged, should I want to check in socially, or write.

Still, my custom has always been to spend equal time indoors and out. Having spent most of my life in the Northeast, for many years, Pennsylvania, it's been a difficult adjustment to Florida, and I'm often alone--and yes--sometimes lonely. I suspect this will change for the better; bringing me more balance in my life, as I get to know more people here. I don't drive since my stroke, and walking is rather less than more. I hope to get a 4-wheeled scooter to enable me to explore our safe and…