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Valentine's Day

Midwinter Sarasota Update
I'm not yet used to Gulf Coast Florida. Although I lived in Texas and Louisiana for several years as a child, and I was born in South Carolina, I am a northerner. Although I have no regional accent--I never latched on to such a distinct identifier, I guess due to my transient military childhood--most of my life has been spent in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I miss the clear, cold air, and snow. But my husband and I retired here eight years after my stroke to avoid ice and the shovel.

I first realized my parents and I were far from our New Jersey home came in my second-grade classroom with a Dick and Jane reader story, "A Snow Storm Valentine." Does anyone remember it?

Through our classroom window, we seven-year-olds marveled as snowflakes sprinkled softly in the schoolyard. Sister pulled the casement forward to scoop a bit of the lovely cold stuff into a cup as it accumulated on the sill. 
Closing the window, she invited us to the front to demonstr…