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Announcing My New E-Book!

Welcome to my Updated Blog ~ 

I'm so thrilled to announce my third book - the sequel to Stroke Story

Coming To Terms: My Journey Continues

"Coming to Terms is Gambutti's sequel to Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back, the memory of a life-altering brain hemorrhage in 2008. Eleven years later, the author settles with the many challenges and struggles she has faced. For readers who suffer effects of brain trauma, such as chronic speech and motor impairment, hope feels elusive. With this book, she offers you encouragement that many gains do come through perseverance. And for those inclined to push themselves; to give too much—she hopes you can “come to terms” with the need for self-care, and can learn to let some of it go."

"The life of a vibrant, creative woman, fifty-seven years young, is dramatically changed by a major hemorrhagic stroke during a community bus trip through the Pennsylvania Highlands region. Her foray into the unknown wilderness of brain trauma, sudden powerlessness, and fight against the odds of recovery are an inspiration to survivors of stroke or other brain trauma, as well as to their caretakers. Stroke Story traces a woman’s transformational journey from landscape gardener, craftsperson and volunteer, into helplessness, but with hard work and expert care, a return to hope and renewal of a creative life."

Please see the great reviews for Stroke Story! I'd be grateful for positive reviews for both books! (That's how we get our Amazon rankings.)

Thanks so much!


Mel's Writing Life

 If you are familiar with my work, you've seen my Blog posts or Facebook posts about pieces published in Literary Journals (smiles).

Please enjoy my recent publications:

First Communicant
Going The Distance The Drabble Magazine
Phil's Story Story Pub

Unbound Ties Spillwords

Without Music Scars Publications, Children, Churches and Daddies

Also published is an array of Haiga, Japanese Form using Contemporary Haiku and Photographic Images. I'll catch you up with those next time

Thanks for coming by
and checking out my new book! :-)


Phil d. Basket said…
What a great book and blog! Congratulations

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