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August in Pennsy


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Dog Days?


Hi Friends, and welcome!

Until this, Monday, I've been on a partial writing hiatus. 

My husband, Phil, and I have been in PA since early August when my 97-year-old mother began hospice, after a bout of flu and upper lobe pneumonia. Remarkably, my feisty Mom has returned to a stable state of health but remains under hospice care. Since, of course, we can't predict the time of the inevitable, we've decided to stay up here at her little condo until I'm confident she is adjusted to her new nursing center. She does seem content. This happy shot was taken earlier this year with Max. Sadly, she now shows more decline.

But, breaking me out of summer doldrums with a "WOW" is the 6-week online class Writing Short Writing Deep with Sheila Bender I'm enrolled in!  (See here) Women on Writing

The first week prompted me to generate a prose poem which--who knows?--may one day appear in a lit mag!


Last time, I told you about my new website:

Florida Book Writer,  Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author

In the face of my other obligations, I haven't added to my website--hopefully, that will come this weekend. I've yet to set up email, but please follow me there, here, and elsewhere!

My three books are available from Amazon in both Kindle e-book and paperbound through my Author Page.

"Coming to Terms: My Journey Continues" was released about August 10th, in time for Mom's birthday, in a colorful paperback edition. Many thanks to Jo-Anne Rosen of Wordrunner Press

My Amazon Author Page

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Recent Publications

June 7 Children Churches and Daddies, Scars Publications
Without Music  This writing was accepted for publication
in an issue of cc&d magazine: (v295), March 2020 (to be released 3/1/20) 
  (Note: A slightly different version was previously published in A Thousand and One Stories last year.) 

May 25 Spillwords Unbound Ties

July 28 Spillwords Suitcases

Spring Portland Metrozine Arlington

also, this haiga - photo with haiku

Summer Portland Metrozine Do-Overs

April 28 The Drabble Going the Distance

Come back again, soon, OK?


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*** Here are a few of my new Haiga--photo/image poetry.
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I'LL CATCH UP SOON... I'm spending the Summer in Pennsylvania with Mom--97 in Aug. 🌺

Spring Holiday Weekend Chag Pesach sameach! Happy Passover to Jewish family and friends! And, to all who celebrate, Happy Easter!  

Here in Sarasota, it's mild and sunny about 75F. A good day for heading to temple or church, entertaining family or visiting a park. So, I know you're probably not on your laptop or smartphone today, but I'll use my quiet afternoon to update you for the week ahead.
I've used the past couple of weeks in writing short prose, and taking photos and creating haiku/art (haiga).  The result has been several submissions to lit mags, for which I hope to hear back soon. 

Acceptances always are wonderful, but I've learned to accept there will be rejections. That's life. Many rejections are opportunities for revision and learning--honing my craft. So, I persist and grow.

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