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Update from Florida


Hello! I'm back in Sarasota

 ...after a long hiatus in Pennsylvania! 

We left July 3rd to be with my Mom who'd just gone into hospice care.  The good news is she celebrated her 97th birthday in August, and is doing well! 

I moved Mom from the continuing care facility where she'd resided about six years. The nursing and rehab center where she now lives is better able to care for her at her advanced age. A big relief they take such good care of her! 

My Mom, Agnes Caffrey, October, 2019

On this blog, I share links to my new writing in literary magazines. Since my last entry, I've received several prose acceptances; a few on the calendar to be published.

Nick Olsen, editor of Mac(ro)Mic World In Words,
will publish my two pieces, "Newsprint' and "Farmland Reverie," this Friday, November 22.  I hope you'll stop by to read them. I've been fortunate to be in the archives of this cool lit mag.

I'm also thrilled to have been working with Basha Krasnoff of Portland Metrozine who has published several pieces of my creative non-fiction, including Haibun. (prose with haiku)

Haibun - Experimental Poetry The sheer joy Gambutti feels coming back from a stroke and feeling fully alive again is shared in a Haibun
By Mary Ellen Gambutti
I learn again to be alive in my senses, this fourth year of disability. I hear March wind—no longer icy—the day is sunny. I read a story about drifting on the Mississippi, as I listen to the raft slosh against the shoreline. But it’s the waves on the beach in my earplugs, the soundtrack of the OhmWriter app in which I journal. Waves more intense, I turn down the volume to hear ambient chimes of Steve Halpern in the living room resonate with remnants of soft pooling sound. In the kitchen, Phil joins with clatter of hot cocoa-making. Awareness of the present—all we have.

Three of my creative non-fiction pieces, "Hurry Back," "She Couldn't Say," and "Happenstance," have been accepted for the Winter Issue of Portland Metrozine which will be out Feb.1st, 2020!

Here is the Summer 2019 issue, which includes my long prose poem "Do-Overs." Summer 2019 Portland Metrozine

Please check into my Author Page here!

 Hope to see you soon!

And please visit my updated Website Portfolio - a slice of my published work here -

Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author


Elizabeth said…
Beautiful writing, as always!
Thanks so much, Liz! Very kind of you 💓

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