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New Memoir Ahead

Hello, friends!
Checking in to tell you I've been writing a new memoir 👩‍🦳

I'm quite excited with this project, which I plan to complete this summer.
As many know, stories of my adopted life are in my 2nd memoir Permanent Home. I've had a number of works of haibun, prose poetry, and personal essay published in literary magazines, related to my life as an adoptee in a military family.

This new book of creative non-fiction/memoir expands on the experiences of a baby girl born in 1951 adopted by an Air Force couple in 1952.

My hope is that my stories will benefit adoptee women and men who have been similarly touched by adoption; hurt, wondered, searched, and maybe even found.
Thank you, as always,
for following my writing journey.
Please check into my website. There you'll find more of my prose, and of my haiga (Japanese form of photo image with haiku) 
Hope your 2020 is a fabulous one!
Until next time,
Mary Ellen Gambutti
Sarasota, FL