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My New Website is Up!

Please Stop by and Visit my New Website!

I hope you'll enjoy the new WIX site. I enjoyed the challenge of setting it up with short biography, prose and images, as well as all the ways to connect with me, and buy my books! 
*** Here are a few of my new Haiga--photo/image poetry.
The first was published July 9 on FreshOut Art and Poetry Collective in Instagram and Facebook.
This next one is self-published haiga--photo and monostitch--one-line poem.
a sacred screen we stand apart

until the dawn - shadow dancing
FreshOut Arts and Poetry Collective

float, fly or drift all is a dream

I'LL CATCH UP SOON... I'm spending the Summer in Pennsylvania with Mom--97 in Aug. 🌺

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Announcing My New E-Book!

Welcome to my Updated Blog ~

I'm so thrilled to announce my third book - the sequel to Stroke Story Coming To Terms: My Journey Continues
"Coming to Terms is Gambutti's sequel to Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back, the memory of a life-altering brain hemorrhage in 2008. Eleven years later, the author settles with the many challenges and struggles she has faced. For readers who suffer effects of brain trauma, such as chronic speech and motor impairment, hope feels elusive. With this book, she offers you encouragement that many gains do come through perseverance. And for those inclined to push themselves; to give too much—she hopes you can “come to terms” with the need for self-care, and can learn to let some of it go."

Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back "The life of a vibrant, creative woman, fifty-seven years young, is dramatically changed by a major hemorrhagic stroke during a community bus trip through the Pennsylvania Highlands region. Her foray into the…
Spring Holiday Weekend Chag Pesach sameach! Happy Passover to Jewish family and friends! And, to all who celebrate, Happy Easter!  

Here in Sarasota, it's mild and sunny about 75F. A good day for heading to temple or church, entertaining family or visiting a park. So, I know you're probably not on your laptop or smartphone today, but I'll use my quiet afternoon to update you for the week ahead.
I've used the past couple of weeks in writing short prose, and taking photos and creating haiku/art (haiga).  The result has been several submissions to lit mags, for which I hope to hear back soon. 

Acceptances always are wonderful, but I've learned to accept there will be rejections. That's life. Many rejections are opportunities for revision and learning--honing my craft. So, I persist and grow.

I'll make only a brief comment about the turmoil in the U.S. with the release of a redacted "Mueller Report," and the realization, for many, that we face more di…

Monday Musings

Hello! Just a quick post to ensure things are up to date with Blogger now Google+ has left the stage.  I hope to begin a newsletter in the near future. If you'd like to receive occasional updates to your e-mail, please private message me to my Facebook page at this link: 

Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author

Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back

I believe that covers it for now! 
Please return to my new blogger posts as they are updated.  Let me know by personal message on facebook (mentioned above) if you'd like to subscribe to the planned newsletter. And please follow me on facebook, and here.
Thanks so much! I really appreciate your reviews of my books -- both kindle and paperback!
Til next time 💗
Haiga: my original photo and poem: Facebook Blog FreshOut Magazine: An Arts and Poetry Collective

Oh yes! Please visit
My Amazon Author Page

Spring Has Arrived

You can buy my e-books and soft covers on Amazon. Thank you!Permanent Home: A MemoirFirst full day of Spring, and Phil and I are in Easton, as my 96-year-old mother recovers from a bout of flu and pneumonia. Thankfully, we look forward to celebrating her August birthday. The Bamboo Hut Spring 2019 - published by Steve Wilkinson in issuu Bad Mountain Weather by Mary Ellen Gambutti
I'm thrilled to be in the premier issue of Human Kind Journal in January my Haibun Away and Within by Mary Ellen Gambutti I've just learned I'll be in the upcoming issue with my piece, "Mirrors of Loss." Thanks so much, Robin Anna Smith, for your beautiful, important journal and your confidence in my work.
Haibun Today has published my Haibun (Prose Poem with Haiku)  RefugeSincere thanks, Ray Rasmussen. This is my third Haibun in your prestigious journal.
Tanka Journal has published my work through Prolific Press. I share it here with you. Looking forward to seeing my handmade chapbook when …

Valentine's Day

Midwinter Sarasota Update
I'm not yet used to Gulf Coast Florida. Although I lived in Texas and Louisiana for several years as a child, and I was born in South Carolina, I am a northerner. Although I have no regional accent--I never latched on to such a distinct identifier, I guess due to my transient military childhood--most of my life has been spent in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I miss the clear, cold air, and snow. But my husband and I retired here eight years after my stroke to avoid ice and the shovel.

I first realized my parents and I were far from our New Jersey home came in my second-grade classroom with a Dick and Jane reader story, "A Snow Storm Valentine." Does anyone remember it?

Through our classroom window, we seven-year-olds marveled as snowflakes sprinkled softly in the schoolyard. Sister pulled the casement forward to scoop a bit of the lovely cold stuff into a cup as it accumulated on the sill. 
Closing the window, she invited us to the front to demonstr…

Announcing My New Book

Welcome to 2019!
I hope your year is off to a good start!

. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new book, a collection of stories beginning with my early childhood memories, my experience of adopted life in a military family, my career as a professional gardener, and the story of my hemorrhagic stroke and recovery; reminiscences and reflections which I think--hope--many may relate to and enjoy.  Permanent Home: A Memoir I hope you'll pick up a copy. Click title to purchase from Amazon   If you purchase the softcover, my "Matchbook" offer gets you the Kindle version at a reduced price.
 (some color photos in e-book)

Thank you!

In a previous blog post, I shared haiga - photo with a haiku inscription (3 line-2 phrase Japanese poetry). I use both my own photos and copyright free images. My Haigas have appeared in online and in print journals. More on the way all the time! 
Here are a few recently published in FailedHaiku - senryu - sad, witty or humorous haiku wit…